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2016 Photonics Buyers' Guide
Preorder! Available late-February. If you buy products and services related to lasers, optics, imaging, sensors, detectors, test and measurement, light sources, fiber optics, spectroscopy, materials and coatings -- you need the Photonics Buyers' Guide.

The most trusted, accurate and comprehensive photonics buyers' resource with 870 pages of profiles, products and contact information for over 4000 companies. Indexed alphabetically, geographically and by products and services offered. 100% verified annually.

Includes 130 pages of technical articles from the Photonics Handbook.

     Print Edition - $60.00 U.S. & Canada, $84.00 all other countries

2015 Photonics Buyers' Guide
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     Print Edition - $60.00 U.S. & Canada, $84.00 all other countries Caution T-Shirt
Photonics Caution T-Shirt Show your colleagues how awesome you are with a fancy black/yellow shirt.

Shirt reads:
Prices include shipping! 100% cotton preshrunk

     S - Small - $16.00 U.S. & Canada, $20.00 all other countries
     M - Medium - $16.00 U.S. & Canada, $20.00 all other countries
     L - Large - $16.00 U.S. & Canada, $20.00 all other countries
     XL - XLarge - $16.00 U.S. & Canada, $20.00 all other countries

Photonics Spectrum Reference Chart
Updated in 2015! Full color poster of the photonics spectrum, displaying the major commercial laser lines, detectors and optical materials in the ultraviolet to the far-infrared and beyond.

Size: 30 x 20.5 inches

     Non-laminated - $19.95 U.S. & Canada, $25.20 all other countries
     Laminated - $35.70 U.S. & Canada, $40.95 all other countries

Lasers and Their Uses Reference Wall Chart
Part of Photonics Media's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the laser, this chart lists the major types of commercial lasers available in wavelengths from 1 nm to 1 mm, broken down by type and application.

Size: 31 X 10.8125 inches, unfolded.

     Non-laminated (folded) - $15.00 U.S. & Canada, $20.00 all other countries

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